eBay Coaching

eBay offers Australian wholesalers and retailers access to 6 million buyers every month. Plan 4 Profit has been an ebay seller since 2004 and we now offer coaching services to help your business succeed on eBay.

We all know that eBay sales are massive. eBay turnsover approximately US$50 billion annually and have over 100 million active users.

eBay is the world’s second largest online market place next to Amazon, and eBay has had the jump on Amazon in Australia having started here 1999.

eBay should be attractive to all Australian companies as it offers an instant avenue to 6 million new eyeballs or potential buyers every month. It was initially an auction site, but it has shifted towards fixed price listings over the last few years. eBay was also well known as a market place for second hand goods, but again there has been a massive shift and now new products make up the bulk of the listings.

The following companies now sell on eBay Australia:

  • Dell
  • Bing Lee
  • Samsung
  • Office Works
  • Myer
  • Rebel
  • Kathmandu
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Toys R Us
  • Kogan
Plan 4 Profit ebay coaching
Plan 4 Profit helps build ebay sales

Six Key Steps to eBay Success

eBay is fairly simple when you want to list the second hand wheel barrow you don’t need any more. But if you want to list 100-100,000 products, it can get considerable more complex.

Our coaching can assist you to:

  • Create eBay titles that will outperform your competitors
  • Take the best photographs- we even offer photo editing services
  • Understand the importance of correctly formed description text
  • Get your T’s and C’s right
  • Integration options
  • How to automate your eBay business
  • Generate an amazing customer list
  • Sell worldwide
  • Manage complex data
  • The best eBay freight options
  • eBay research, whom sells what products and at what price

Plan 4 Profit can also provide overseas staff that can help to drive down the costs of your online sales channels overheads.

We also employ full and part time staff in the Philippines, India and Bangladesh that have been trained to list and maintain ebay stores.

eBay Software Tools

Plan 4 Profit can assist your company to choose the right business automation tools that will help you to build your ebay business.

There are Australian retailers with sales of $30-$50 million per year just from their eBay stores.

These automation tools can include:

  • M2E
  • OneSaas
  • Neto
  • Channel Advisor
  • Ready to Ship
  • Terapeak
Ready to Ship