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Years ago, growing sales was all about having an attractive store front, maybe a Bonanza Sale event and some newspaper advertising. These days of course it is all about getting a better ranking on Google. We talk about SERP’s. This is how your business appears on your Search Engine Results Page (when someone looks for something you

Car companies are trying to put independent workshops out of business

  We all know that cars produced today are equipped with amazing technology with some cars featuring as many as 4 independent computers to operate all the different systems. But did you know that many manufacturers purposely withhold technical specifications and fault diagnosis codes to force customers to only use new car dealers for vehicle servicing. If

Ask yourselves, how well does your business engage with your customers?

You have 2 types of customers. Those that you forge relationships with and those that you don’t. Those that buy from you regularly and those that don’t. So what makes a customer buy from you regularly. Trust Service Range Prices And relationships How often have you heard a friend say, “you should buy from XYZ Company as


Developing a small company into a successful one is hard work. Plan 4 Profit can help you achieve success.

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Mechanix Wear is one of America’s leading brand of heavy duty work gloves and has a 70% market share of the Automotive Glove market.
Plan 4 Profit (AVGH Investments) helped to negotiate the exclusive Australasian distribution rights and the range was launched by E. T. Performance Products in 2009.
Mechanix Wear gloves are now stocked by most leading retailers with sales set to climb past
$1 million per annum in the near future.
Plan 4 Profit:
-Wrote the business plan
-Secured distribution rights
-Designed the advertising
-Designed and operated Trade Show displays
-Sold the range into major national retail chains

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True leaders create an inspiring vision, and then motivate their team to achieve that goal.

Andrew Holdsworth
Plan 4 Profit can show you the secret to true business leadership. True leadership is applying a set of skills that motivate a team to pursue success.

Running a business is not an easy task. In fact, it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced by all levels of management to get the best from the team. The primary feature of good leadership is setting clear goals for all levels of staff and providing the environment and tools to help your staff achieve these goals. Business owners can easily be consumed by there own tasks and fail to ensure that the rest of the staff share his or her vision. Plan 4 Profit can help your business leadership team develop the skills that will put your business into overdrive.

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What are the key skills required to achieve great leadership?

In the world of business there are strict rules that every businessman should know and follow. They are vital for all kinds of businesses both big and small. By following these giudelines, your dramatically increase the chances of creating a prsperous business that is ready to meet the never ending challenges of running a business.

These guidelines include:

  • A leader must be a strategic thinker- see the big picture
  • Set a clear vision at all levels of business. All staff must understand their important role in the business
  • Ensure all staff understand their goals and the goals of the business
  • Ensure the staff have all the tools required to excel at their tasks
  • Measure performance against agreed goals
  • Listen carefully to staff suggestions as they often have the right solutions
  • Adapt to changing business environment, embrace change
  • Lead from the front, by example
  • Hire the right people
  • Be selective about your customers
  • Foster a strong company community
  • Invest in training
  • Support innovation

Remember, a great team is a group of talented individuals that know they must work together to achive their goals.



We can help you to build a clear vision and strategy plan for your business. This requires careful research of your business, your industry, your market and your people.

About us

In 1985, CEO Andrew Holdsworth built on his background in Industrial Design to create a successful manufacturing, import and distribution business. The business grew from his garage to an owner occupied warehouse and sheet metal factory in Dandenong with 14 staff.


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We all know the saying. To much time working in the business. Not enough time spent working on the business. Plan 4 Profit can help you work on the business!

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